One of my yearly favorite memories with our kids so far is the State Fair.  This year we did it a little differently this year trying to conserve a little money but all in all had a great time.  For us the fair is mainly about the animals and a few rides.

****Warning this post is HEAVY on Pictures... the best way to remember ;)  ****

While waiting on friends...jumping shots!

Photography Credit: Savannah Dawkins
Photography Credit: Savannah Dawkins
  At snack time we got one cotton candy to share and then I made them eat pop tarts we brought from home.  Money Saving Tip : you can bring your own food into the fair and then buy a few novelty items to share.
 We stayed a lot longer than I planned and we ran out of Crackers and Pop Tarts so I gave in and the kids + Grant got a Corn dog to avoid hunger meltdowns!
  Learned about milking...the kids loved it!
  State Fair Revisited less than 24 hours later with Bebe and G! 
  And then we ended on a sweet note...our something special :)

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