On the drive home from the beach we didn't leave the car or make many detour stops.  We did make the exception at this cute little store for boiled peanuts to teach our kids the super important southern LOVE of the boiled peanut.  One day my kids will experience a laser light show at Stone Mountain, GA with boiled peanuts which is my favorite childhood memory of all time :)  And when they are there the boiled peanut will not be brand new.
 Our other stop was at this famous location.  When we first got married I was introduced in Duck Hunting mainly through this family on some old VHS tapes it is mainly about hunting.  Then it was a Duck Commander show which was a blend of the two.  The girls rarely made an appearance in the Commander shows.  Now it is Duck Dynasty.  Much less about the hunting...and I kinda miss that part surprisingly.

 There is not a whole lot to see but the sign.
and the loading dock...
 I can't believe this is our only whole family/friend picture of the trip.  We should have taken more...
 We visited EVERY part of the parking lot..

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