THE BEACH day two

 The first morning we woke up with so much excitement!  The kids loved looking out at the beach and the fun awaiting them.   We even saw a few dolphins swimming way way out there.
We joined our friends over at Henderson State Park Beach for some fun in the sun and sand.  

 Grant got the awesome Dad job of blowing up the raft... I think it nearly killed him.
The picture below was taken with the cheap waterproof camera and good thing since you can see the water on the lens.  The kids loved pulling each other on the boat and "riding the waves"!

That night we found the best pizza place in Ft. Walton.  It was awesome and so low key which was great for our families.  This will be on our list of repeat places next time we visit.
 And lastly my baby his last night of being 3.  In the morning he will wake up four years old!

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