Warning: This post may leave you with a creepy crawly feeling!
It doesn't take much to entertain this family.  I heard laughing and screeching on the back porch to find Jack and Savannah trying to freeze a "giant" bug with ice. 
They had found a live locust that I guess couldn't fly.  Not sure how that part happened but I wouldn't put it past two little curious kids.  Pouring water and ice on the locust made it spin, jump, and vibrate which was the delight of the kids.  
They wanted to take a closer look at the bug so the first challenge was holding it.  That lead to "holding" him in different ways.  
Then we compared him to his shell.  At times these shells are quite collectable around here but I not sure they had ever seen the bug that comes out of the shell until today.  

Teaching tip:  We believe in Jesus/God/Heaven around here.  So the locust is an easy way to discuss death and what happens as an illustration.  The shell is the "old body" it looks just like it.  Kinda like our dead body looks like us but the good stuff the "soul" the part that makes you YOU leaves the "shell" and gets a new body, a better body in heaven.   ;)  The locust even gets wings!

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