This is what I do...edit all the gorgeous families and dream of the day mine will all sit still long enough for someone to click the shutter for us.  I see it being another 1 1/2 at least though I will surely keep on trying.  

Congrats Morgan you've made it!  Everyone (with a little persuasion) participated!  And each of your kids have stellar faces with gorgeous eyes!  Seriously the eyes on this family... and no one squinted too much which is really unusual for light eyed peeps.

So here you go ALL your kiddos can now be over the couch ;)  Enjoy!

I'm totally loving this one of all the kids!
 I feel like he is saying you are NOT going to get me to smile... HA!  You just wait kiddo. :)

 Mama knows her kids.  She said put them in a tree where they belong and viola perfect joyous smiles :)

 This was NOT the boys idea...

 FYI: Two of the most beautiful teenagers will be seen next.  

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