I'm still shooting friends because I just can't stand not to.  I love watching friends kids grow not to mention when they actually get to friend age they will be friends of my kids.  But, alas,  where to show off their cuteness now that I've decided to only shoot up to the first year professionally.  (We will see how long that lasts because geeez these kids are cute!)

So I decided this would be the spot.  After all it's my blog and I need to use it.

These two are trouble but cute trouble :)  Littlest dude is still perfect!  I can say this because I have trouble and basically still perfect at my house too.  Although Mister Perfect just said MINE clear as day for the first time two days ago.  :/  So we will see where that leads.

I had them meet me at my in-laws field.  I've found it is great for containment (the tall grass) and void of any major distractions so they engage with me in some form or fashion.  You never know with 2 year olds!

All in all I think it was a great shoot for any 2 year old! Especially times two :) Enjoy!

 I love this shot below...you can almost hear him say, "Here's the plan... I'm driving this rig you're riding."  The idea was short lived :)

 Jail Break...

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