The Persimmon Perch Shop

The Shop opened this fall as a way for Grant and I to find a way to raise some extra funds to bring Caroline home (adoption isn't cheap but oh so worth it!).  The Shop mainly consists of things made by us and our hands.  Right now we are making signs and charms both of which contain words or sentiments that can remind you of something or someone special.

If you have an idea for a verse or phrase just let us know!

Here are a few things that I finished up today!  They are all available and ready for pick up :)  These are our medium size and would fit great against the backsplash in the kitchen, over a night stand, in a bathroom, or in an office space.  If you are still in need of a Christmas gift let me know and we can get one of these signs to you!

        Then I also got a chance to finish off a custom order for a beautiful little lady :)

Where to Start???? Fall RECAP

So much has happened since I last posted.  Mainly birthdays and paperwork :)

First up Savannah's 6 birthday at the Pumpkin Patch.  I just love this girlie and all her joy and creativity :)  This year was full of American Girl like dolls and their clothes.

Then two days later HALLOWEEN.  No scary here.  Just a couple of dragons and an autumn fairy. :) Toothless is tired...and fell asleep on the way to trick or treat.

This busyness quickly followed by Luke's 2nd Birthday.  My little sunshine on a Cloudy Day.  Seriously my smiley guy;)  He blew his candle out like a champ. And let's take a moment to notice he has the best little pursed lips ever!!  No instructions needed to all of our delighted surprise!  His gifts were mainly balls and cars.  Christmas will look similar ;)  never enough cars!

A busy busy fall with a lot of paperwork for Caroline being chased down here, there, and everywhere.  We have finally made it to Christmas and I actually have all the gifts for the kids and cousins bought...none for the adults :/  I might get Savannah to help with ideas (she always has the best ideas for gifts...I think it might be her gifting).

Christmas Cards to Bring Caroline Home!

A few weeks ago I posted that I was going to offer to put together some Christmas Cards for you (using your pictures) for a donation to help bring Caroline Home. :)  I wanted to give you a close up view of each of the cards for you to choose from when you are ready.  October is the perfect month to TAKE YOUR PICTURE!!!  You will need to order your cards in November so that you will have them ready to mail the week after Thanksgiving.  So you won't be rushed this year :)
Front Option #1
Back Option #1
Front Option #2
Back Option #2
Front Option #3
Back Option #3

Front Option #4
Back Option #4
Front Option #5
Back Option #5

Front Option #6

Back Option #6


One of my yearly favorite memories with our kids so far is the State Fair.  This year we did it a little differently this year trying to conserve a little money but all in all had a great time.  For us the fair is mainly about the animals and a few rides.

****Warning this post is HEAVY on Pictures... the best way to remember ;)  ****

While waiting on friends...jumping shots!

Photography Credit: Savannah Dawkins
Photography Credit: Savannah Dawkins
  At snack time we got one cotton candy to share and then I made them eat pop tarts we brought from home.  Money Saving Tip : you can bring your own food into the fair and then buy a few novelty items to share.
 We stayed a lot longer than I planned and we ran out of Crackers and Pop Tarts so I gave in and the kids + Grant got a Corn dog to avoid hunger meltdowns!
  Learned about milking...the kids loved it!
  State Fair Revisited less than 24 hours later with Bebe and G! 
  And then we ended on a sweet note...our something special :)

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