Woman, Know Thyself!

Six weeks sitting on your couch feeding a newborn gives you at lot of time to think, evaluate, dream, and cringe at what you got going on in your house...decorating wise that is.  Not to say that I haven't found myself thinking we lost our mind having two babies this close together when the wailing is in unison.  More than once this week I found myself wishing for earplugs.

But back to the decorating.  I have realized that I have been very blessed to have been given some things to help make my house a home and to have been able to purchase some items here and there too.  What I also have realized is that I didn't have much of a plan or goal in mind when these items entered my home.  I have always thought of myself as a Better Homes and Gardens gal who appreciates the Pottery Barn style. Since I would rather spend our money on memory making trips than fancy furniture items I never really studied the magazines; I just did what I thought looked the best in the moment.

Then these past 6 weeks happened.  Six weeks of being mostly secluded in my home.  The things that slightly annoyed me are now making me insane.  So I got a huge pile of current and back issues of magazines and this is what I learned; I am a girl who wants a Pottery Barn house with a Better Homes and Gardens yard.  I also think if I have a plan and use some creativity I can get there.   My Remington Man thinks I'm nuts (he may be right) but I have proceeded to deconstruct my home and rearrange everything...nothing but the kids rooms are safe!

This is where I started:
The bedskirt didn't quite make it to the floor since I raised it for extra storage.
About four yards of plain brown fabric with side seams that had a finished look on the bolt, some safety pins, and some scissors is all I needed.
I cut the fabric in half long ways (all four yards) and pinned the cut edge to the top of the bedskirt.
The finished edge just touches the floor.  
Much better than seeing all of my junk.  

One other thing I noticed is that Pottery Barn doesn't like to make their beds, does this mean to have their "look" I don't have to make mine either?  
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