Made it Monday 3.8.10

Planting in our little city garden has begun!  I am so looking forward to all the goodies the Remington Man has planned on growing this year.  The first thing planted was green onions.  I decided I needed to label the garden plants to be able to help identify them to a curious one year old who loves being outside.  I am not the farmer in the family so I needed some "cheat sheets" or garden markers as they are officially called.
This is what I came up with:
Step One:  Design a label add a picture for recognition.
Step Two:  Cut out and laminate.  (I had a chance to use my new laminator by Purple Cows that I got for Christmas).
Step Three:  Unbend a paper clip.
Step Four:  Tape on paper clip to back side of laminated label.

Step Five:  Put in ground and act like you knew what it was all along.  

What have you MADE?

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