Made it Monday 2.28.10

This week I worked on a small project updating our bib situation.  Some of you may remember that I made these no sew bibs out of a large plastic (felt lined) tablecloth. I had so many that I am just nearing the end of my stack.  As soon as they got "worn" looking I threw them away and pulled out a new one.  At this point I'm just sick at looking at them...every day at least 3 times a day.  

On Wednesday of this week I ran across new spring plastic tablecloths for $5 that I knew just what to do with.  I pulled out my scissors and cut away.  
Now that she is in bed I have realized this is the only picture I took of her wearing her new bib!  

What have you MADE???

Made it Favorites...

So many fun ideas from Made it Monday this week!  I wanted to highlight some of my favorites!

Such cuteness from The Little Green Bean.  

This little goodie from Design-Aholic just warmed my heart so bright and cheery!  

Oreos, peanuts, many things I like in one dessert.  Check it out at Kuzaks Closet.

I'm not exactly sure what I'm most impressed with the plastic magnetic makeovers or the copper she put them on!  Go see for yourself at MoodyGirlProjects.

Made it Monday 2.22.10

Yeah!!!  I could just jump up and down about this one and I would if my tummy would bounce with me.  I finally got around to hanging up some curtains in my master bedroom.  They ( you know who they are) always say not to neglect your bedroom and I swore when we moved I wouldn't...but I did.  When we got married I never found bedding to register for that I loved and that is where it all went to pieces.  I settled and tried a few things and different arrangements; but finally after two and half years I'm picking  the pieces up again. Not only have I gotten around to window treatments but I actually love them this time around.  And to top that I got them for a steal; I asked the lady at the fabric store 3 times to tell me the price before I would let her scissors touch the bolt.  The original price would have been around $80 at $12/yd but I got them for $2.50/yd and I only spent $14!!!!!!  Really wanting to jump up and down in the store but I tried to retain my composure.

So the process...
Bare and depressing.  At least the bar is hung high in hopes of a glorious future.
Beautiful fabric found!  I clipped the curtain in the "pinch" style.  Basically pinch equal parts (I used 3 squares on each side of the fold) of the curtain together to give you more of a pleated style. Then I ironed  the folds so it would stay.
Hang them up.  I always have kept one circle on the outside of the bracket 
so it doesn't move around too much.
Closeup view.  Hanging pretty.
Stand back and admire your work.  It is amazing what curtains will do for your spirits...lonely and bare no more.  In the future I will add some fringe or trimming and I want to find a sitting chair for the large empty space on the other side of the dresser; but that is for another day. (p.s. I bought the yardage off a 54 in. bolt so I only need hide the raw edge of the top and bottom) 

What have you MADE?

A bright comeback!

One may think I'm talking Olympics here...but no.  Last fall I clipped a few inpatients to have in my window sill. 
Lovely.  Surprising to me they bloomed and rebloomed all fall.  Then as all things do the drought of blooms...I actually thought it had something to do sitting in water all winter without nutrients from the dirt.  But this week I saw this little thing peeking it's head out.

  So fun.  Next year I will let them come inside in something a little more pretty.  And please ignore the dirty window; the rain, sleet, and snow have taken it's toll lately.

Made it Monday 2.14.10

Happy Valentine's Day Everyone!  Hope that you and your sweetie had a great time.   I am working on a little remodeling project in my house that I need a few more supplies for so I hope to show off my project tomorrow afternoon.

But if you have something to show off...please do!  Let me also take this opportunity to answer a few questions that I have received.   Made it Monday is a place for you to show off something that you have MADE not necessarily created or developed.  I started this little party because I wanted to show off some things I was proud of and that maybe wasn't getting the attention that I wanted (the Remington Man...usually just says, "Nice").  So please feel free to join if you need a place to show off your one-of-a-kind creation or your first ever crochet project! 

So here is my very late addition to this party.  And it doesn't look all that impressive but it does wonders for my peace of mind.
(The before)
This is the new little writing desk I bought to put in our bedroom now that we are redoing our study into our son's nursery (so fun to say son by the way).  I hate cords and everything that goes along with computers.  I wanted to buy a cabinet but was unwilling to pay for it so I bought this little Better Homes and Garden desk from Walmart and saved $700 bucks. 

(The after)
So to hide my cords I took an old sheet and cut it to fit the back of the desk and used clear packing tape to fix it to the braces and legs.  Amazingly it hides almost everything!  Very, very easy fix...unless you have a one year old playing peek-a-boo with you.  

So what have you MADE?

Last minute Valentine: Candy Heart Necklace!

Or I could have titled it...what to do with a one year old.  We put glue (non-toxic..just in case) on the back of the kisses and placed them in a heart shape.  
Mama cut it out.
And tied a left over Christmas ribbon through it...and there you have it.   By the way this is her first necklace to try on...and I think by her expression shiny stuff will be in her future.    
On a last note...I don't feel comfortable leaving her with something around her neck yet so this is actually her present for her 3 year old cousin.  

The Big Announcement

We found out this morning to my complete shock that I have a little boy in my belly.  The Remington Man may have shed a tear (or two) for his lifelong dream of having his very own little hunting partner.  I'm afraid this little guy is destined for ducks, deer, turkey.  I don't really mind as long as he quickly learns my strict "you shoot, you clean rule".

So in honor of my big day I wanted to let you all know about a boy only craft party over at 7-3-3.

I already found one really cute project there that was submitted by MaryJane&Galoshes.  She came up with a easy piggy bank....basically just back the truck up!

Made it Monday 2.8.10

We were out of town most of the weekend so I'm a little late in submitting my little project this week.  I actually made these this afternoon.  It's funny at 8 months you feel like you will have enough bows to last you a lifetime then at 15 months you look up and the only bows in sight are the ones you never really liked to begin with or they never matched an outfit your little girl ever wore.  

So to solve my little dilema I created a bunch from leftover scraps.  There are many tutorials out there with great instructions for every type of bow imaginable.  I just keep it simple (since you may get to use them twice before a monkey at the zoo has snatched it.)  Really I've lost count how many bows I've lost at the zoo.
You need some of this...the thinnest floral wire you can find.  It cost less than 3 bucks and will last a lifetime unless you decide to actually arrange flowers.
Make two loops on each side and have the ends on opposite sides.  Then wrap the floral wire around the middle.  This is where you want to make sure the loops are spread the way you want them because it won't change much from this point.
Next cut a little piece to wrap around the middle.  
Put a dot of hot glue in the center and wrap one end.
Not sure why this is sideways but you get the point.  Small dot of hot glue since it spreads out and stick the other side down.
Now glue the clip to the back.  I got my clips from a Beauty store (100 for $4).
A little bit of extra glue is fine for me since it helps hold it in fine baby hair.  Just make sure your clip opens and the two sides aren't glued together.
All done...I would have Savvy model but it's nap time.
These are the bows I worked on this afternoon... I have found it is easier to do it kind in an assembly line fashion.  Much quicker.

What have you MADE?

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