Made it Monday!

It's time to show off something you MADE this week!

I found this really cute tablecloth at Target it was red so it is very festive and had snowmen on it.  And the snowmen season lasts all the way through January so I thought it would be perfect for seasonal bibs!  This particular tablecloth is plastic on one side and that soft felt like stuff on the back.  (Make sure to buy the largest size tablecloth since they are all the same price.)

I brought it home and got out one of my favorite crafting tools... pinking sheers!  They make so many things into a quick no-sew project!  If you don't have a pair I recommend getting some this week.

I used one of our old bibs I had laying around.  I extended the length to a dish towel length so it will cover her lap which is where most of the mess ends up.

Then it is cut and repeat....17 times!

 That's right...17 new, reusable, and wipeable bibs for $4.99!

Yeah!  She's cute and she likes it!

The fasten...In my 12 months of motherhood I have learned that velcro sucks! (Sorry if I offended anyone but I really don't like the stuff; somewhere around the 6 month she learned to undue the stuff and that defeats the whole purpose!)  I have invested in lots of snaps...they work and they are cute and if I make bibs as a gift I would use them; but snaps are also pricey.  For me and our house we use safety pins; I figure for years they were used to keep our diapers on so they must be safe. (I've used them for the last 2 months and her bib always stays on!)
So buy a tablecloth, get out your sheers, and go to town; your washing machine will thank you for it!

What have you MADE?
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