Made it Monday: Advent Wreath

This week for Made it Monday I created a centerpiece for our kitchen table that will be a functional Advent Wreath.  Advent is one of those Christmas terms thrown around and yet most people don't have a clue what it stands for.

For those that are curious... Advent takes place the four weeks before Christmas and each week a candle is lit preparing our hearts and minds for Christmas; which is the celebration of the birth of Jesus.   Jesus is known as "the light of the world" since he offers peace, love, forgiveness, and hope to those who want to accept it.  The people in our world are known to be fairly dark since sin, greed, and selfishness are everywhere... any one with a two year old will know this to be true since "mine" is their favorite word and they mean it!  In our country Christmas is very commercial and Santa is usually the main guy of the holiday.  This is a little way once a week during dinner to focus the attention a little more towards the birthday boy :)

My functional and reusable Advent Wreath only cost me $4 and surprisingly looks great!  I had four battery operated candles left over from last year.  The rest came from the Dollar Tree:
(1) 15" evergreen wreath, (1) 12" evergreen wreath, (1) double pack of glittering fruit stems, (1) pack of cranberry picks.

First I put the candles in the 15" wreath and wrapped a piece of
evergreen around the bases to hold them in place.

Then I added the 12" wreath inside and twisted a few evergreen stems to secure it.

Then I removed the fake leaves from the fruit steams.
The leaves were just too fake for my taste!

I slid the stems into place.

Lastly I added the little cranberry picks and turned on the first light since this is the first week of Advent.

I love it!  I love that little exploring hands won't get burned. And I love that there is no wax to clean up and that it will look just as good next year when it is put back on our table.

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