Made it Monday: Advent Wreath

This week for Made it Monday I created a centerpiece for our kitchen table that will be a functional Advent Wreath.  Advent is one of those Christmas terms thrown around and yet most people don't have a clue what it stands for.

For those that are curious... Advent takes place the four weeks before Christmas and each week a candle is lit preparing our hearts and minds for Christmas; which is the celebration of the birth of Jesus.   Jesus is known as "the light of the world" since he offers peace, love, forgiveness, and hope to those who want to accept it.  The people in our world are known to be fairly dark since sin, greed, and selfishness are everywhere... any one with a two year old will know this to be true since "mine" is their favorite word and they mean it!  In our country Christmas is very commercial and Santa is usually the main guy of the holiday.  This is a little way once a week during dinner to focus the attention a little more towards the birthday boy :)

My functional and reusable Advent Wreath only cost me $4 and surprisingly looks great!  I had four battery operated candles left over from last year.  The rest came from the Dollar Tree:
(1) 15" evergreen wreath, (1) 12" evergreen wreath, (1) double pack of glittering fruit stems, (1) pack of cranberry picks.

First I put the candles in the 15" wreath and wrapped a piece of
evergreen around the bases to hold them in place.

Then I added the 12" wreath inside and twisted a few evergreen stems to secure it.

Then I removed the fake leaves from the fruit steams.
The leaves were just too fake for my taste!

I slid the stems into place.

Lastly I added the little cranberry picks and turned on the first light since this is the first week of Advent.

I love it!  I love that little exploring hands won't get burned. And I love that there is no wax to clean up and that it will look just as good next year when it is put back on our table.

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Tote in Style

All the ladies in my family got together this afternoon do a little crafting.  This little tote was sooooo easy to make. 

First you take a paper doilies...

and use spray glue to attach it temporarily to the bag.
Next you use a little black fabric paint and dab it over the doilies.
Then pull off the doily while it is still wet and it will leave the design.  The lighter you are with the paint the better the design comes out.
                               Then I printed out the letter J cut it out and traced it onto the bag.
Then carefully fill it in with the fabric paint.  Let dry and use!
How fun are these!  Now go Tote Away!

This project came courtesy of Ashley Ann.

Families, Thanksgiving, and a little "Cheese"

This is one of the busiest weeks for family photography. Families are together for the holidays and want to get a picture for their Christmas Card. Besides being with my own family this week; here are a few other families with whom I got to share a bit of the week!

P.S. The "whom" was suggested by my journalist sister-in-law.  I don't think I have ever actually used that word...ever.  :) 

Made it Monday!

I am so excited to show off my little creation this week because it is simple, quick, practical, and basically free!

I am slowly piling up the gifts for the family and looking for interesting and cheap ways to wrap them.  For my littlest niece I wanted a really big bow.  Really big bows are pricey so I thought I would make one.  From start to finish it took me 5 minutes and that was only because I had to figure out what I was going to do.

Here is the finished look!  Classy and poofy; just my style!

Any guesses on what it is made of?

Coffee Filters.  Yep.  See, I told you it was practically free!

First you fold it in half and then fold it in a circle shape.

Tape the bottom with a little scotch tape.
Once you get three made go ahead and tape the bottoms together.

This is a look at the bottom with all the "3's" taped together.

Turn it over and tape it on!  Nice and poofy!   I love it!  You could also use watered down craft paint and paint them first if you want colored bows.  I might try that later.

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Friday Finds

Make your own wreath from nature with Sunset's really easy tutorial.

Turn a coffee table into an ottoman.  The picture is from A Penny Saved and the  tutorial explains it all.  This would be great to try with a garge sell/ craigslist find.

From All Things Heart and Home a Fabric Christmas Tree.  I love it and this is one of those projects you can do while sitting on the couch watching T.V. I love her fabric!

Newborn Session: Natalie

Babies are so precious.  This is Natalie at about 8 days of life.  She only weighed 5lbs. 5 oz. when I took her pictures.  Sad they don't stay this way for long; makes me want another one...


What is worth $110?  Apparently 3 minute fudge. 

Our church held a pie/dessert auction on Sunday night to help support our community food bank.  We raised $10,000 which is wonderful for all those families who are really struggling right now.  At the last minute I decided I would contribute something. So I pulled up my 3 minute fudge recipe and made it.  Amazingly it went for $110!  The family was so sweet to let me taste it...(not that I didn't taste the crumbles when I cut it up) and it was gooood; like I'll make it again good.  So if you haven't copied this recipe yet I want to direct you that way again.  It would be a great treat to take to a holiday party.  Click here for directions.

Made it Monday!

It's time to show off something you MADE this week!

I found this really cute tablecloth at Target it was red so it is very festive and had snowmen on it.  And the snowmen season lasts all the way through January so I thought it would be perfect for seasonal bibs!  This particular tablecloth is plastic on one side and that soft felt like stuff on the back.  (Make sure to buy the largest size tablecloth since they are all the same price.)

I brought it home and got out one of my favorite crafting tools... pinking sheers!  They make so many things into a quick no-sew project!  If you don't have a pair I recommend getting some this week.

I used one of our old bibs I had laying around.  I extended the length to a dish towel length so it will cover her lap which is where most of the mess ends up.

Then it is cut and repeat....17 times!

 That's right...17 new, reusable, and wipeable bibs for $4.99!

Yeah!  She's cute and she likes it!

The fasten...In my 12 months of motherhood I have learned that velcro sucks! (Sorry if I offended anyone but I really don't like the stuff; somewhere around the 6 month she learned to undue the stuff and that defeats the whole purpose!)  I have invested in lots of snaps...they work and they are cute and if I make bibs as a gift I would use them; but snaps are also pricey.  For me and our house we use safety pins; I figure for years they were used to keep our diapers on so they must be safe. (I've used them for the last 2 months and her bib always stays on!)
So buy a tablecloth, get out your sheers, and go to town; your washing machine will thank you for it!

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Friday Finds

I have been really busy with my photographing little toes and families this week and haven't had much time to look around blog world.  I did happen upon these two interesting ideas!  Enjoy!

This in one of my new favorite ideas for your home.  Over at homespunthreads she is using her Olive Oil bottle for her soap!  Great idea!

You to could have a little hope in your house.  CraftyNest has a great tutorial on her site that is so simple to make and even has links to the the templates.

Hearty Low Fat Chicken Chili

Yummy!!! This is one of our go to favorites.  It satisfies my need for diet friendly and the Remington man's need for substance.

3 cans of diced tomatoes
3 cans of corn (drain juice)
3 cans of baked beans (drain juice)
1 can of Rotel
2 pkg. of taco seasoning
2 pkg. of Ranch envelopes
3 pkg. Tyson Southwest Chicken strips

I cut the chicken into smaller pieces.  Put everything in the crockpot ( a big crockpot ).  Turn on low and walk away until dinner time.

So so so good!  Enjoy.  Makes 8- 10 large servings.  We freeze most of them and eat them for lunches.
Visit Tasty Tuesdays and Tempt my Tummy for other yummy recipes.
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