Welcome to Made it Mondays!

Made it Mondays is an opportunity for you to show off your skills and for you to get some recognition!  I think there is nothing worse than doing something for the first time or making something you think is great and no one notices.  I usually point out the masterpiece I've made to the Remington Man and he says, "Oh,... cool."  He means well but I just don't think men get it.  Now that I have written this I am laughing because I bet that is what I say when he kills something that is nearing a state record and shows it off to me. Of course, I am also thinking I need to find a way to make that taste good!

This Monday I am showing off some birth announcements that I have created...(maybe next Monday I'll show off my little niece due any day now!)

Here are a few social expectations for this party:
1.  Enter the link to the post you are showing off; not the home-page of your blog.
2. You must have a link back to Made it Mondays on your post somewhere so people can continue viewing everybody's creations.  You may also include the Made it Mondays logo (optional)
3.  Follow rule 1 and 2 or your link will be deleted.  You can always try again if you notice your link is missing from the party.

Let's get this PARTY started...
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