The In-Between

I am always annoyed by the in-between; like for instance being 5'4" I am in-between petite and average.  I almost always have jeans dragging the ground or sitting above my ankles.  I know I could tailor them...but really who wants to spend the extra money?

This week's in-between annoyance came to me by way of my flower garden.  I have a large (4ft round) bed right by my front door that I have reserved for flowers.
Easily maintained since I planted periwinkles which need no assistance from me except maybe some water when the temperatures soar over 100 degrees. 
For the fall/winter/early spring the plan is to switch out the periwinkles for pansies.  And that is where I have found myself; the in-between.  The periwinkles have started to seed and the pansies haven't made it to the store yet.  I have never heard of anyone deadheading their periwinkles in hopes that they will bloom again; and yet that is what I just did.  It was a massacre; one would think I used the weed-eater.  Stems and flowers were everywhere.
  I decided I would give them a week to see what happens and then decide.  Maybe the pansies will arrive!
What is your fall/winter go to flower?  I would love to know.
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