Did you wear edible candy necklaces?

My sister and I were talking last night at our once a week family dinner about teaching my niece how to sort things.  She can count to 40 on her own (occasionally she misses 13) but I am still impressed since she just turned 3.

In our quick little brainstorm we remembered candy necklaces that we used to wear when we were little and how fun they were.  We thought if you bought a box of Fruit Loops and some dental floss you could have a fun afternoon project.

Pour out some Fruit Loops on the table and have the child sort them by color.

Next she can group them.  For instance the reds need to be in groups of three the yellows in groups of two.

Then you can choose an order.  Group of red, group of yellow, group of blue, etc. and then repeat.

Tie the floss ends together and wear!

You might have to watch that they don't get their clothes messy.

What other ideas do you have?  I have thought about colored marshmellows but they might be too sticky.
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