7 Candles

My baby is seven!  How did that happen?!  This past weekend we had a pony party.  The only pony was on the cake but we promised a few horseback riding lessons in lieu of presents this year.  They have toys galore but I bet the lessons will bring memories that will last a lifetime and Christmas is around the corner.

All she wanted was some simple fall games, her family, and a hayride.  It was a beautiful crisp evening and all her dreams came true!

Fall Flower Crowns out of Mums
 I can't love this girl enough. She is so much like me it's scary. She teaches me so much about perseverance and faith. She holds onto hope and trusts the Lord for big things for those around her. She walks to the beat of her own drum and I admire that so much! Her creativity is consuming and her empathy for others is deep. My prayer is that we as her parents trust God with her life so that she may follow his footsteps not ours.
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