1095 Days Old

1095 days plus about 9 months is how long I loved this little guy.  Luke, Lukey, Lukester, Buddy, Little Bro, whatever you call him he is ours and so very loved.

Babyhood has come to an official end and as he will quickly tell you "Big Kid" years have started.  With that comes a huge dash of independence and "I do it".  My laid back kid suddenly has new bravery and is ready to tackle the world with or without us.

The crib is being put away in the attic (because I can't bare to get rid of it and admit that we are done with babes).  A new level of freedom has been found and exercised usually at 5:15ish in the morning.

Luke you have quite the personality! It is warm, caring, sweet, with a healthy dose of boy thrown in.  You are quick to protect your Mom with your superman abilities (snapping all the bad guys away).  You LOVE trains and cars.  Your new sister is quickly becoming your best friend (when Lydie-bug isn't around) and suckers are your candy of choice!

Nightly I've been praying for you that you will know the Jesus in your Bible stories this year and that the God who made you will give you bravery and help us be the best parents we can be to help you follow God on the great adventures he has planned for your life and that we will be brave enough to let you go.

Your smile lights up a room!  Kiss Kiss my big THREE year old!  Happy Birthday!

Pictures from the past:
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