That was so much fun!...Let's do it again!

I love the fair!  I have said this before but it is worth repeating so we went again just so I can say that once again.  I LOVE the fair!  I don't love the crowds, or the flesh exposed everywhere, or the spicy language, or the smoke.  
But I do love the thrill of excitement and joy on my kids faces!  I love that they appreciate the lights and the music.  I loved seeing Jack "bang" his head up and down to music he's never heard before but knew just what to do.  I loved seeing the kids conquer fears and sharing laughs with their best friends, their cousins.  And I love that the fair is the epic introduction to fall! 

My niece Avery back flipped and flipped and flipped...just like her Mama!

Shaky bridge...OK!  The girl amazes me with her fearlessness!
Grant the token adult to this crazy 7 kids! 

 Just like Luke to come down backwards!

The oddest sight in the whole fair might just be this one.  Prayed that He would be used by God that night to comfort someone in that crowd.  Who knew the Fair had a chaplain?  They hid him in the back near the port potties and the kiddie rides.

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