I Am Special

I'm not often one to boast of my specialness.  I mainly think I'm just getting by in life.  But then someone thinks enough of me to make an intentional trip to see me and well you might as well as get my signature I feel so special.

This week I got to spend about 2.5 hours of good girl talk with someone who gets me at this stage in my life.  I met this friend half way around the globe as we were boarding a bus headed to the Beijing airport only to seperate an hour later to bring home girls not born to us to be our daughters.   I just knew I liked her.  We were both on an adventure of a lifetime.  

Our Chinese princesses both have the middle name JOY.  They are both spunky and special all in their own right.

Adoption is beautiful and needed but it is also HARD.  Hard in ways you don't imagine.  And I'm am so blessed God gave me a friend to walk this road with.  A sounding board with a gentle ear and a truthful tongue.

I am so blessed.  I am so special.  God cares about me.

Our families reunited in Guangzhou. Scared. Tired. Exhausted.  (Both the girls and us!)
Noodle Restaurant Guangzhou China next to China Marriott - Adoption
In case you are staying the China Marriott in Guangzhou this is "the" noodle restaurant. Past the 7-11 and museum and you don't have to go "under" to cross the street.  They have pictures on the menu.  You just point and order.  But no bathroom.  See post here about that!

Our girls this week. Happy.  Loved. Attached to their Mamas!  Home 4 months :)
Girls adopted internationally from China
Hug is more like a choke hold...oops!

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