He's in HOG heaven!

Well we were all in hog's business if you know what I mean.  The Tulsa State Fair is here and that means fall has arrived! Hallelujah!  It is my favorite for lots of reasons.

This year we as a little family of 6 went to the fair on a cool Saturday morning.  Entering the barns before the rides opened.  The barns are where we spend most our time.  Funny, because we only own a fish.  We used to own a few cattle when we first got married and two dogs.

Grant is a FFA guy and tells us about owning his pigs and showing them in front of the judges.  One of his favorite things to do is watch the judging and see if he can pick the winner.  Most of the time he does.  I think the kids will end up following in his footsteps which will be so fun to watch.  Although I can't imagine a pig being ok with the neighborhood HOA.  So I have no idea when we will own a pig!

The kids loved the petting barn and Caroline went around calling all the baby pigs O-Lydia (Olivia a kid show on Nickjr).

Luke isn't scared of any of the animals he went to hug them all until a duck bit his finger. He was so offended and went back to tell the duck "Bad Duck, No Bite".

The chicken has no eyes!
Jack rode his first "big" roller coaster and we had a blast and wanted to do it again.  Caroline was just barely tall enough but we decided to save that experience for next year.  The kiddie rides were enough for her.
They look petrified...HA!  
The kids and I got cotton candy while Grant discussed becoming a blacksmith.  You never know... it actually seems like something he would enjoy.
Slowest eater ever!  Daddy kept her company while the rest of us did sidewalk chalk.  We kept up the fair picnic from last year.  We saved a ton of money and everyone actually ate lunch and then we got plenty of fair desserts to taste afterwards.
 This girl and her ponies!!!  She is still trying to talk her Poppa into a pony.  Maybe one day.  She asked for riding lessons for her birthday so we will see if we can make that happen.  Toys would be cheaper by far but she is pretty committed to this pony thing.

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