Sneaky Snake

You sneaky snake!

"It's a worm!"one of the kids said.  "Nope" said your Dad. We then had some little conversations about not touching a snake and how they are different from worms. 

On the way home out of the blue Jack started processing that Satan was a snake. We agreed sometimes he is a snake but not always. But most of the time Satan doesn't make himself scary, he makes himself approachable and likable. He wants us to not care that he is around and then feeds us little tiny lies that seem harmless. Once we start believing those little lies it is a lot easier for him to get us to believe the big lies. 

That is why need to be cautious even with little baby snakes they look harmless but they could strike and bite at any moment and some are deadly.

This particular snake is a RingNeck Snake and non-venomous.  If snakes are your thing you can read more about this Oklahoma snake here:
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