Joy Celebrated

This weekend our family got to attend a special wedding at our church.   We were crazy enough to bring all four kids with us since both sets of grandparents were attending too.  The wedding was beautiful and the two big kids were learning a lot.  Very interested in "the kiss" but thankfully they were seated with grandparents and they got to handle those questions.  Luke lasted until the vows when I glanced up to see he had escaped the aisle and was headed towards the stage.  Grant gave him a detour to the lobby.  It was such a precious ceremony because the father of the bride was our preacher.  A Daddy giving his girl away.  He made a short speech as a Dad while saying he was giving her away which left me with tears in my eyes out of sweetness.
Rustic Vintage Wedding with Food Truck
Rustic Vintage Wedding with Food Truck
In the Lobby after the wedding was a great time of catching up with friends from our past that came into town just for this occasion.  I was talking with my youth pastor's wife (from when I was a young teenager) and just as I was telling her we are doing great and asking her for any tips since she has more kids than I do.  She started telling me something about just keep counting heads.  You can just guess can't you...  I started counting one, two, three..... no four.  Goodness, we lost the two year old!  The sneaky quiet one.  We did a quick search and didn't find him.  Then others got involved.  We really should have guessed this but he ended up in the dark children's wing.  To my best guess he can pull the handle down to get in but isn't tall enough to push the bar and the door to get back out.  He was after a sucker from the sucker box Pastor Randy keeps down there for the kids.  This is the trouble when the kids feel sooooo comfortable at church/preschool.  They just go where they want.

The reception party was a dream for Savannah.  A country girl at heart.  Ponies everywhere!  And a peacock!  Not to mention a dance floor and cookies and popcorn galore!
Rustic Vintage Wedding with Food Truck

Rustic Vintage Wedding with Popcorn
 Kids give from the heart.  Savannah took her purse to the wedding and decided to give the bride a gift.   I love the "Happy Wedding"!  The back was covered in hearts and crosses.  Inside was two very special coins given with love and happiness!
 We needed a new family picture...apparently it is still a work in progress.  Hug your brother equals headlocks!

This gal LOVES to dance.  It's got to be her love language.

This sweetheart asked me to could I say NO?  He also kissed my hand and said now we are married!

Luke kept singing Happy Birthday to Luke...

Jack actually asked me Sunday morning if we can go back to the wedding it was so much fun!

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