I've been a lot more active with the kids lately in order to get them outside and for me to get more steps on my fitbit.   The kids don't seem to mind too much especially Savannah as training wheels are a thing of the past for her.  One day last week I thought we would go to the bike trail and see how far we could get keeping in mind that we would eventually have to walk the same route back.
We got quite a ways before I heard Jack start to complain. He is on a tricycle snakecyle and that has to be hard on his legs to go too far.  He also found a pet for the day.  Wormster came along in his bike bucket.  He's a climber that one we found him in the snake leaves several times and had to stop often to put him back in his bucket.
Then I saw the underpass bridge and gave him the challenge.  I didn't map it but it was at least a mile from where we started.  He was so excited to make it!  We were rewarded with snacks and drinks while sitting under the bridge listening to the semi trucks roll by on the turnpike.  The kids thought it was AWESOME!  The little ones got out of the stroller and ran up the incline not realizing the steepness and Savannah had to do some big sister rescues to get them down.  Proud of her!

I'm still amazed every time we drive by that section of road that the kids made it that far and they are so proud to tell everyone in the car.  Sometimes you just need to set a goal and achieve it!

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