Anyone ever been to Porter?  Well chances are if you have had a peach in Northeast Oklahoma it came from Livesay Orchard in Porter, Oklahoma. (click HERE for directions)
This past weekend we took a quick trip out there for a few bushels of peaches and one onion.  My mother in law is the queen of cobbler and even made peach ice cream!  Such a treat!
Jack has a cantaloupe face!  And his onion....the boy eats raw onions for snacks.  It's weird but kinda fits his personality.
We didn't end up staying long due to some miscommunication with our littlest girl.  But it is a really fun place to explore.  We usually visit their pumpkin patch in the fall but I just read on their website they have pick your own apples starting in late August through October that would be really fun for the kids.
Peaches Ready to Ship
The people here are really sweet and even have a peach tasting station set up for the different "types" of peaches.  Did you know their were different types?

Edited: A comment left on Facebook reminded me that they only take cash or check so make sure you have more than your card with you when you head that way!

I would love to make some cobblers or easy desserts this fall with peaches or apples if you have a favorite please comment and share below.  I made one from Pinterest last year and it was just so so.
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