Times when kids are playing in the backyard I find myself sitting at the picnic table painting some of the random wood we have laying around the house.  (There is only so much pushing a kid on a swing I can do!) This past week I came up with four pieces that I have just added to the PPShop (Click HERE).

Some of it is inspired by the upcoming Football season.  And since the pieces were made by Grant and I it was only right that one is Red/White and one is Orange/Black.  After all we are a house divided.  At any given time you might see one of our kids in Red and the other in orange this by no means is an indication of our favorite kid!  Just to clarify.  So far they don't seem to have a favorite and I'm ok with TCC actually if they keep up the first two years free program!

The other two pieces I made are totally new designs to me.  I think they are fun and hopefully one of you will too! (hint, hint)  They are "awesome" for a desk or a boys room.

If you have a blog and you made anything this week leave a link in the comments I would love to see it!  Or if you have inspiration for the "be" series and have a suggestion leave that in the comments too!

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