Haikey Creek

This park is an oldie but a goodie!  As a child I have great memories of my Mom taking us "walking through the woods" there...that part of the path seemed to go on forever!!  But in reality as an adult takes 5 minutes.  It's funny how much perspective can change.  This too is true if you go on a nature walk with children.  It is amazing how much you miss without them.  Maybe it is the change of speed or new eyesight line but it is just more fun with the kids!

This time we braved new heights on the bridge over Haikey Creek and saw interesting growths coming out of dead wood.  And even a little snail in his "habitat".

After our nature walk I got up my courage and went to the playground.  As a child I remember tons of summer fun and as a new Mom I remember taking Savannah and Jack there while surrounded by tons of other kids and Moms enjoying the slides and sandpit.  This last memory is the one that terrifies me, the first is what gives me determination.  I'm just not ready to brave it alone with 4 kids going opposite directions while two of them are too young developmentally to understand "stay in this area" and "stranger danger".  But really let's not kid ourselves all four have a tendency not to come when called if engrossed in the fun that only a playground can bring!

But today my first attempt...God surprised me with something that felt like a hug him saying I care about you my child.  He gave me an empty playground...on a Saturday morning!  Not one person or child in sight.  It was a dream come true for me and my children!  And even better than that two of them asked to go because "nature called" and I didn't even have to say "Come"!

If you are in the Tulsa area and want to visit Haikey Creek Park it is located between 121st and 111th directly on Garnett Road in Broken Arrow.  The playgrounds are on the West side of Garnett and the nature hike (with bridge and woods) on the East.  Here is a link for more info: http://bit.ly/1Na9mjJ

Look I'm a statue Mom!
"I only have one shoe Mom!"  After loading all the kids and the stroller and driving all the way there...we were NOT going back to get it.  Consequence: Wear your little brother's shoe and remember two shoes next time!

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