He stole my shot!

Family outings at this point in our lives can seem daunting. But we just do better when we are out and about; although when we are done we are DONE and every body knows it! 

Our Saturday adventure this week was to The Porter Peach Festival about 30 minutes away. We made sure the kids had been fed and we had plenty of ice water to keep us cool. My last memory of this festival is almost passing out from a heat stroke  while 6 months pregnant with Savannah.  A lot has changed since then and our potential for whining might be the same but much much louder!!!

Somehow we hit this festival at the perfect time which is the heat of the day on Saturday when they give out free ice cream loaded with fresh peaches!!
They serve this in the shade of the fire station and it was quite a hit with our crew! And I don't know if we were the first family the Tulsa News Reporter saw or if he saw us juggling 4 kids and 6 loaded bowls of melting peach ice cream and thought this is going to be a disaster I must photograph it but he chose us to photograph and got all of our names so we might just be famous! If I was in my right mind I would have handed him my phone which I had ready to take my own picture of this chaos so I could have a proof of this mess! Oh well, the kids bowls were empty by the time he was finished photographing us.  We don't get the Tulsa World so if you see us keep a copy for me😉

After walking through all the "crafts" we decided to let the kids ride the ponies. Our ice cream was free so we figured we could spend a little this time.  Never in our lives did we think the girl who runs screaming from all living creatures would climb on a horse... But she totally surprised us and did it not want to miss out!  I don't know if this is her keeping up with her siblings or just learning to trust us that we won't let her get hurt.  But we were so proud of her! 

After our "big ride" the kids danced down the street to the band and we were back in our car with the AC on full blast surviving a mid day adventure with no tears! It was amazing! Now our minds are wandering to where we might go next!
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