Caught Red Handed

As much as we are home bodies we are also can't stand to be home for too long. Too long is when there is more growling and screeching than actual talking.

One little thing on our summer bucket list is to go get Sno Cones. So Sunday night was we loaded the kids up and off we went! Now as far as Sno Cones go "Josh's" is known as the best in Tulsa but in reality we have had much better in Mississippi when visiting Grant's aunt. It was a goodness unlike any others!

This night it was 2 Strawberries, 3 Cherries, and one "Spiderman" which left lots of red tongues and one hand that might take days to recover! Luke wanted no help "I do it".

Grant and I ended the evening thinking about camping with the kids one weekend this may be all talk but I hope not. If you have a spot you could recommend let us know. We won't have a boat with us so we need a spot with kid friendly entertainment. Any ideas???
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