Adventure Day

We have decided that we are at the age we can start taking family excursions out of town to explore all the great things God has made and to get to see it brand new through the eyes of our children and it is a blessing indeed.

Adventure Day this time lead us to Sequoyah State Park on Ft. Gibson Lake.  It is still apparently closed to camping due to the extremely high lake levels but the gates were open to allow access to the boat ramps so we took that as an open invitation to explore. The best part was that our adventure seemed daring as we explored places uninhabited. 

The park has a cool nature center that the kids loved plus a bald eagle, coyote, and foxes to view in "nature".

Our next stop was the campground were Grant took me "fishing" but no fish were found however a great surprise picnic was setup waiting for us... And a gorgeous ring which 7 years ago started this thing we call family. 
We need a bigger blanket!  Maybe one for kids and one for us.

Man this guy has my heart!

After a picnic lunch the kids followed Grant to the waters edge and that is where the magic happened. Where God's creation was explored with brand new eyes and daring feats of bravery conquered new land and waters. Luke was made for water he will find every drop and this day he was in paradise relishing every second.  The other three were on a treasure hunt for animals they could tame and name.  It was a very good day!

Every boy needs to know how to throw rocks off a cliff.  It is a right of passage I'm sure.

Ezekiel 47:9 "It will support all kinds of living creatures that will thrive abundantly wherever the river flows. There will be a great many fish, because this water will flow there and turn the salt water fresh. As a result, everything will live wherever the river flows."
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