Day Seven: Free Day

It feels like we've been here forever! And now we pray that we get to come home on time.  There are tons of adoptive families here now and more coming. The rest of our group from our agency gets in tonight from their provinces.  Every one that adopts in China ends up here getting their child's visa to come home. And now we are on day 3 of the computers in the US being down.  Apparently this isn't just a China thing but worldwide. 

So our little gal woke up sad today. Not sure if she was grieving a little bit her smiles were just not as big as normal. 

Today we had off from appointments as we wait to hear about her TB test so we slept in and had a late breakfast then we found another park nearby that we explored.
It had a kiddie area that she enjoyed until we couldn't stand the heat anymore. The humidity doesn't help.  We had sweat rolling down our faces and everywhere else!
So we had lunch at McDonalds and gave Caroline her first McFlurry! She loved it!

After nap time she woke up much happier!  When she sleeps she takes her little finger tips and rubs her upper lip it is so cute!!
We went for a swim and ate dinner and now we are trying to stay awake long enough go the kids to wake up stateside so we can FaceTime with them. We are ready for this family of 6 to be all together!!  Lord willing only 5 more days.

Tomorrow we are taking her to the Safari Park Zoo it is supposed to be amazing!! 
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