Day Five: a Day at the Park and Police Station

We slept in.  She is a great sleeper minus some leg spasms in the night.  We made it to a late breakfast her favorite is noodles, fried rice, peas, oranges, and bananas.

Grant and her also enjoyed "lychees" fruit which native to this area and only ripe one month of the year. 

 It is kind of like a cherry but you remove the outer hard shell and the pit inside.

This morning we had free so we went to the park across the street (you have to go down into the subway tunnel to cross the street here) it was so hot and humid but nice to get out of the hotel. The park is huge and beautiful with large ponds and paddle boats, waterfalls, and little areas that people were doing group exercise.

(iPhone pics from the back of the big camera ;) sorry!)

This afternoon we met our guide to go to the police station and get our passport picture.  It was a uneventful and made this photographer cringe they took the picture without us knowing so who knows what it will look like. The rest of the trip details the guide took care of we just checked our names and info. 

Afterwards we headed to the grocery store for a few items.  Funny how brand recognition works even with Chinese characters we could pick out Pringles, Coke Zero, and Planters peanuts no problem ;) We also got a few of the snacks she likes so we can take them home... Dried salted seaweed anyone???

A quick dinner at our favorite restaurant The Coffee Club for some Western Pasta.
Another trip to the pool trying out her puddle jumper and she was yawning and ready for bed!!! And so were we!

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