Mom of a Boy

I love my boys :)  One of my favorite things about both of them is their love of dump trucks.  I'm not sure why they love them but if it is choice of running or running while pushing a dump truck they will pick the dump truck every time.  They often go at full speed and I know that when they crash it won't be pretty.   So far we've been lucky.

So I can't leave this post without mentioning this purple field of flowers.  This ain't Texas!  We don't have bluebonnet fields lining all the highways.  Which I miss from my time there.  What we do have is clover.  Let's be real it is a weed.  Not really desirable....expect in the spring by a photographer ;)  This morning was overcast and we are expecting a big thunderstorm this afternoon so who knows if it will last.  But I want to photograph this field again with LIGHT.  It is fun to play and capture my baby boy at the same time :)

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