The Persimmon Perch Shop

The Shop opened this fall as a way for Grant and I to find a way to raise some extra funds to bring Caroline home (adoption isn't cheap but oh so worth it!).  The Shop mainly consists of things made by us and our hands.  Right now we are making signs and charms both of which contain words or sentiments that can remind you of something or someone special.

If you have an idea for a verse or phrase just let us know!

Here are a few things that I finished up today!  They are all available and ready for pick up :)  These are our medium size and would fit great against the backsplash in the kitchen, over a night stand, in a bathroom, or in an office space.  If you are still in need of a Christmas gift let me know and we can get one of these signs to you!

        Then I also got a chance to finish off a custom order for a beautiful little lady :)

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