It's hard to believe that all 3 of my kiddos are now in some sort of school program.  They all survived the first day and 2 of the 3 have made it through a whole week of class and seem to want to go back each morning so I think all is going really well!

Jack is doing awesome in Pre-K loves his teachers and all the things to do and new friends to play with.  His only problem has actually been leaving in the afternoon which he is getting better at now that I think he has realized he really does get to go back the next day. His teacher said he sure is busy but he obeys too.  That was the best compliment ever!  He talks all about his guy friends and one little girl named Madeline.  And when he mentions her name his whole face lights up.  ;)

I can't say I know as much about Savannah.  Going to Kindergarten in the big school is so much different than I expected.  I think I'm having the hard adjustment mainly from the lack of communication from not picking her up from the classroom and her teachers saying one or two things about her day.  Now I have to rely on her to tell me.  The first week of school we heard a lot about about the bus and really only the bus.  She rides it home in the afternoon and it has been HOT.  She has learned and told us about all the different ways a body can sweat.  Quite funny!  Then we cool down with a popsicle and hopes she reveals a little something else about what she was doing the last 7 hours away from me :)

Luke started his first EVER day of school on Wednesday.  He goes 3 days a week to Bethany Learning Center at the church.  The same one the older two went to when they were his age.  He is one of the older kids in the One year old class and had a blast from what a could tell.  He can say backpack and teacher really well.  And I think he knows he is one of the "big" kids now that he goes to school too.
iphone pic of the busy boy

We are off to a great start as long as they continue loving going to school I'll be happy :)
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