Every year we try to take a family vacation this year the 5 of us packed up and headed to the beach.  After unpacking our bags we grabbed our swimsuits and headed over the dune bridge to the ocean!  This is the moment I wait for and makes the two day drive soooo worth it!

 I often heard Savannah say through out the week that if someone said she liked the beach they would be WRONG.... I LOVE it!

 The shells were not so plentiful on this trip but when one was found it was like treasure!

Our great friends ended up planning their beach vacation at the same time so we met up a few different times to share some memories.  This evening we were hunting crabs by flashlights.  The crabs were like tiny spiders it is amazing we found any at all.  

 This one Grant found in the shore and finally got it up on the beach for the kids to look at it.

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