This River Country is not exactly what you picture of a float trip but since it took us half of the lazy river to figure out how to comfortably float a 1 yr old and two 4 year olds we might not be ready for the Illinois River yet!

Muskogee isn't too far from where we live in South Broken Arrow and it seems much more geared to young kids.  The most daring slides were not the best of the best thrill rides available in the world but since the stairs were too high for my 5 year old this water park fit our needs perfectly. 

It was a great adventure and tons of fun for everyone!  And relatively inexpensive as well including the food.  But I would probably pack a lunch next time and eat at the picnic tables directly outside the park before going in since they don't open until 11 that would work just great.



All pictures from this post were taken with the Polarid iS085 waterproof camera available at Walmart.  The HUGE LCD screen is pointless in the sunshine due to the glare. You get what you get and you don't pitch a fit ;)  but it better than no pictures at all!

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