We spent the day eating ribs and baked potatoes, swimming in Bebe and G's (my parents) pool and watching fireworks.  I made the mistake of bringing along the wrong lens.  A week ago I thought I was too far away tonight I was way too close to capture anything else than the actual explosions.  

I was hoping to do some sparkler writing but lets face it I have toddlers.  Toddlers and hot sparklers leads to stress more than fun so that idea died quickly.

I will say that once I changed out the lens I was good to go.   I wanted to capture the kids and the fireworks.  This will need a little tweaking since they could stand completely still.  But I still like the idea.  The one below has a ghost like essence to it.  Maybe I'll try it again at Halloween?

The house next door apparently hired some professionals to run a private show for them so we got to enjoy it and it didn't cost us a dime :)  To me that is an odd profession and very seasonal although every guy I know would like to do it.

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