It is finally hot and I mean really hot.  This summer has been cooler than others in the recent years but it has finally reached the 3 digit mark lately.  After a busy morning running errands Grant's mom otherwise known as Mamma took us to get lunch and top it off with a good ole fashioned Snow Cone.  Mamma said her favorite place to go was this place called Josh's.  Seriously whatever marketing course Josh took paid off not only do the cool kids hang out at Josh's Sno Shack so does Mamma and her friends apparently! :)  I love that Jack is too little to see in the window but knows that is where the magic is happening!

 Ignore the disgusting floor and the fact that Luke was trying to lick off the droppings.  Not knowing the rainbow was coming to him as well.  (Hmm... could be a great analogy for patience and trusting God to provide for you instead of getting impatient and doing it our own way.  God's way and timing is always better than our attempts.)

 This is our first snow cone of the season and I had forgotten how good they were especially with a little cream mixed in!

The kids decided they wanted rainbow.  I opted for Strawberry and Cream and I think Mamma ended up with Hawaiian Knockout with Cream.  

Savannah decided the green part of the rainbow was the best.  Luke was just excited to do it himself.  Which I let happen until it was almost completely juice then we transitioned cups.   What color is my tongue?

 Ahh!!!  Life is good!

Not but a drop left in every cup.  We will be back for more...soon!
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