Birthday Donut for the Birthday boy!  We tried to go to the famous Donut Hole restaurant but the line was way longer than the patience we possess. So Krispee Kreme to the rescue!  

 I often think of Donut holes as biite size but in the mouth of a one year old they look huge!  This is also when it started raining :/
 Four years old on vacation to the beach and it rains.... quick thinking by Dad with a tip from Pastor Barry at our church lead us on a little road trip to the Naval Aviation Museum in Pensacola.  This turns out to be the best decision ever for this birthday boy and his Dad!

 At one point we all got to go into a simulator of an air craft carrier with the jets taking off.  All of us LOVED that part.  The wind blew our hair, the seats shook, and we smelled jet engine fuel.

 Jack checked out every little detail and always had find the engine.
 The rain cancelled the air show schedule for that day but I imagine it looked much like this. 

 Finding the engine...
 Look Savannah's the Bomb!
 So is Jack!  (Totally Grant's idea!)

 They had quite a few airplanes the kids could climb in and explore.
 So. Many. Airplanes.  Plus two more buildings and an airfield!

 About to take off...
 Even Grant couldn't resist climbing in...

 And like that wasn't enough for a special birthday we had promised him a go kart race.  I think both of them enjoyed the speed after a seeing all the planes earlier in the day.  Jack was so focused and loved helping Dad steer!  

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