(Best Friends)
(Just in case you are scared of the dark here is my Glowie-Savannah)

I have this friend who is contagious but not in the bad kind of way, very opposite actually.  She has found her way down a narrow road most people don't go.  There are many reasons people don't go down this road; they don't care, they want to live in ignorance, they'll let someone else handle it, it's not safe, it's draining, the problem never goes away, there is no quick fix.  The narrow road in her case leads to poverty.  Poverty in North Tulsa to be exact.  She found her way there reluctantly from what I read but here she is and she can't escape the need.  The people aren't pretty, they are dirty and often smelly.  They aren't on the corner asking for money, they are just surviving the best way they know how.  She entered in through a kids program and couldn't stay away.  And when the problem is big you ask for help.  And that is exactly what she does.  She sees a problem so destitute it can't be ignored and then she let's her friends know about it.  She does a great job of painting a picture and naming a name.  After all once someone has a name they can't be forgotten.

The name is Kaylee she is 2.  She has a Mom and a baby sister that is 5 days old.  There are only 2 things in their apartment one is an air mattress that has been taped up to keep the air in and the other is a pack in play given by the Emergency Services.  The Mom lost her job when her pregnancy became high risk.

Within 24 hours of the post for help came out on Facebook people were stepping in to help this Mom get back on her feet.  But I thought I would take this opportunity to talk with Savannah about it.

I told her about Kaylee and said maybe we should pray for her and see what God wants us to do for her.  Tears filled her eyes as she was saying, "Oh No!  I know what he will want me to do and I don't want to."  Reluctantly she agreed to listen while I prayed for them.  Afterwards she had a quick change of heart.  "I KNOW MY GLOWIE!  I  don't need her anymore.   I'm not scared of the dark and maybe she is."  A few seconds later she was rounding up her best baby doll and the last bottle she hadn't lost to give to her as well.  Along with a sign from this year's VBS.  She said the sign is important because she already knows Jesus loves her but Kaylee might not know.
I have to say that I have a lot to learn from my girl.  She gave her best and not just the leftovers.  I fail  miserably in this area.  I even had to bite my tongue to keep from putting doubt in her mind.  After all it was Glowie who she slept with her every night for years!

I never intended to make Savannah give anything I just wanted to see if she would allow the Holy Spirit to prompt her to sacrifice for another.  (By the way I don't remember talking about the Holy Spirit much until I was in college so we talk about him a lot with the kids.)

I am so proud of Savannah but I also am wondering if I'm just standing at the entrance to the narrow road throwing things down it.  Yes it helps but what if I took steps down it.  The question I'll be pondering for awhile.

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