Thunderbird Berry Farm Adventure

Since the last time I posted on this blog I have moved houses and had another baby and that baby is 19 months old.  Let's just say it's been a looong time!  I've been thinking though that I miss having a place to catalog our family life.  So here is a little look inside our day today at the Thunderbird Berry Farm in Broken Arrow, Ok.

The first pick...

 Looking like it could rain but we only had a few sprinkles fall on us.

 Bebe my Mom came along with us for our berry picking adventure.

 She thought they were quite yummy!

 I have no idea what this is in fact it might be a fancy weed.   But Jack was enthralled by it.

 Finally FREE... I'm sad to say it but he doesn't get out of the stroller much.  So this was a BIG adventure for him.  ;)

 I think Luke was shocked it popped off!

 Digging deep....  little did we know there were thousands more on the bushes a few rows over.


 These taste awesome!

 Learning from trouble!

 My buckets is almost full.  I do spy a little blue around her mouth though.

 Sister makes a great photographer when I want to jump in a shot.

 This one courtesy of Bebe..

 Some blueberries got picked twice...or three times.

 Thunderbird Farms is adorable.  But not in the cute little goes on and on and on. 

 God's beauty in the small things.

 He wasn't a fan of the blackberries and I didn't bring wipes...  that was not so awesome.

 Blackberries in the the making.

 My butterfly catcher.

 Bebe's house for lunch and cobbler :)

 This the easiest recipe.  It took all of 30 minutes.

 Yum Yum and Yum! 

Until our next great adventure...

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