Sliding with Style

Today was one of those days that I only had one thing on my list to do which was mail birthday invites.  I accomplished this task very well...what I realized after I dropped them in the box was that I forgot to include the date :/  Bummer!  

Thankfully the day got better with an invite to swim with cousins at my Mom's house.  This makes everyone smile and squeal including me since she fixed lunch!  

I picked up my ancient camera that I have no idea what to do with since it's over 10 years old. And thought I would plastic bag it several times and try underwater photography.  That didn't work but it did stay dry on the positive side.  The "it's time to go" reminded me that I needed to take some kind of picture and then everyone got in on the fun!

Luke's first day with the puddle jumper (not bad for 19 months!)
 This cousin is liking the water better everyday...
 And the ham of the day goes to Sophia.  Seriously look at those wrinkled little fingers :)

He did a little of this at his full speed... :/
 I'm not sure Avery knew how to NOT pose for the camera.  So she came to a slow stop at the bottom.
 Savannah was all about it.  Twisting and turning...

 Jack didn't know how to stop at the bottom but he was determined to do it...just like Avery!
 But that was short lived.

 The big time!

 Sorry Mom it was too good not to remember!

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