Made it Monday 5.3.10

Hey Ya'll! We just pulled into our driveway from our last family vacation before our little son is born and I can't wait to sleep in my own bed! Actually the bed was okay in the hotel but the air condition kept going on and off all night long...I can't do silence.

This is my project for this week.  I made luvies for Jack (my little son due in 11 wks!).  Defintion:  Luvies= burp cloths made out of cloth diapers...they turn into our blankies otherwise known as essential sleeping/make me happy item.

I made my 18 month old little girl some before she was born and I just ironed on some cute things and left the cloth they are stained and gross and all of the decorations have come off.  We also lost a lot in the nursery because a lot of mom's have the same burp cloths.

So I decided to dye Jack's blue and make my own decorations.... 
The first finished luvie!  
The cloth diapers com in a pack like this one above.
I found this fun blue color at Hobby Lobby and followed the directions.
Messy and a little time consuming...I think I like Rit better.
Next I printed out a silhouette of an elephant.  Cut it out.  And traced it on the fabric.
I missed a picture but I did iron on adhesive with will help stiffen the fabric and keep it in place for a little while.
Here is the elephant ironed on to the luvie.  But since I don't trust the adhesive long term...
  I stitched around the edge.  I am not a seamstress but it is close enough for me.  I still have 11 more to decorate so surely I'll get a little better!  Any design suggestions?

So...what have you MADE?
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