Made it Monday 5.24.10

For Made it Monday this week I am showing you a quick and easy way to make a book shelf for a little one.  I found two wooden CD crates from Micheal's craft store in the unfinished wood section.  They were pretty cheap so I grabbed two of them.  First step was to paint them a fun color.  I tried lime green but it clashed with another green in the room so I went with this electric blue color.

The middle part of the bottom of the crate is open so this is where you have to get creative.  I had my Remington Man cut two thin pieces of board the size of the floor and I glued them in so the books don't fall through.  You could also use cardboard I think.
Screw to the wall; we used anchor bolts to make sure it stays put!  Then fill with books!

What have you MADE?
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