Made it Monday 5.17.10

This week I worked on a little project that made my Remington Man very happy and I hope Jack will like one day too.  If you are a huge animal lover I would recomend scrolling to the end quickly.  I have said before that I am married to a hunter and we eat all the meat that he shoots.  The Remington Man has had these antlers around for awhile the garage because I wasn't in our newlywed state ready to bring them in the house.  But somewhere in the last 2 1/2 years I guess I've softened some and I thought if anywhere they should be in little Jack's room so he can grow up to be like his Daddy that I love so much!

If you have antlers that you want to mount
this is how I went about it:
The completed antler mount above.
I found these boards at Hobby Lobby 30% off.  I think they are for making clocks but they also work perfectly for mounting antlers!

I wanted a fun bold color that matched Jack's nursery so I painted them red with craft paint and then sprayed them with a clear high gloss for the finishing touch.
Next I had the Remington Man screw the antlers to the board.  (Yes the white part is part of the skull but I will quickly cover that part!)
I took a piece of suede/faux leather fabric and tacked it around the skull with upholstery tacks making sure the tuck the fabric under so it looks more finished.

Here are all three mounted on the wall.  I had my husband write on the back of the board where and when he shot them and "the story" behind the shot.  When it comes to hunting there is always a story!  The one on the left he shot the weekend before our wedding...I was very proud of him.
Officially a boy's room!
What have you Made?

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