Made it Monday 4.5.10

I hope everyone had a happy Easter.  Our was wonderful from the church service to lots of family and friends and eggs!  My little Savannah seemed to have inherited the hunter gene from her Dad.  She was after those eggs...over and over and over again.  It was great fun!  

This week I wanted to show off what I have been doing with the doors that I painted with the magnetic paint.  I found all of these cute wood cut outs of animals and scenes from Michael's and Hobby Lobby for .69 cents some of them came already painted.  I tried several different ways to connect magnetics to the back; the way that seemed the safest and that worked the best was the business cards.  I stuck the magnetic business card to the back of the wood cut out and traced it with an exacto knife which removed the excess. They all stick to the doors perfectly.  I guess the trick with this paint is more surface area that is magnetized the better chance they will stick.  I didn't have as much luck with the strips even though they had a stronger magnetic score.

They have last the whole week with my 17 mo. old throughly trying them out.

I'm not sure I'm done...but for now the doors look like this!  

I painted the road and the lake onto the doors and hot glued the barn and the trees so the scene parts would stay put, the animals and vehicles move about with the magnets.  

Feel free to let me know any more ideas I should try and add to the doors!

What have you Made?

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