Made it Monday 3.22.10

This week for Made it Monday, The Remington Man helped me out a lot so I need to give him credit.  As I've mentioned before our son's nursery was once our study.  That study came complete with french glass doors and curtains over the glass just didn't sit well with me.  I thought if I could cover the glass with something a little more permanent that is what we would do.  The Remington Man cut two pieces of Peg Board (without the holes) to the size of the glass and painted them.  The front side is the color of the doors and trim in our house and the nursery side is black magnetic paint.  I am excited to come up with some fun magnetic objects to put there!  
(The Before: mostly cleaned out!)
(After:  View from the living room)
(View from inside the nursery:  trim will come sometime this week,
 a unexpected snowstorm changed our plans this weekend!)
Yeah magnets stick!  This one won't stay; but I need to research some fun ones to fill up this space.

What have you MADE?
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