Made it Monday 2.22.10

Yeah!!!  I could just jump up and down about this one and I would if my tummy would bounce with me.  I finally got around to hanging up some curtains in my master bedroom.  They ( you know who they are) always say not to neglect your bedroom and I swore when we moved I wouldn't...but I did.  When we got married I never found bedding to register for that I loved and that is where it all went to pieces.  I settled and tried a few things and different arrangements; but finally after two and half years I'm picking  the pieces up again. Not only have I gotten around to window treatments but I actually love them this time around.  And to top that I got them for a steal; I asked the lady at the fabric store 3 times to tell me the price before I would let her scissors touch the bolt.  The original price would have been around $80 at $12/yd but I got them for $2.50/yd and I only spent $14!!!!!!  Really wanting to jump up and down in the store but I tried to retain my composure.

So the process...
Bare and depressing.  At least the bar is hung high in hopes of a glorious future.
Beautiful fabric found!  I clipped the curtain in the "pinch" style.  Basically pinch equal parts (I used 3 squares on each side of the fold) of the curtain together to give you more of a pleated style. Then I ironed  the folds so it would stay.
Hang them up.  I always have kept one circle on the outside of the bracket 
so it doesn't move around too much.
Closeup view.  Hanging pretty.
Stand back and admire your work.  It is amazing what curtains will do for your spirits...lonely and bare no more.  In the future I will add some fringe or trimming and I want to find a sitting chair for the large empty space on the other side of the dresser; but that is for another day. (p.s. I bought the yardage off a 54 in. bolt so I only need hide the raw edge of the top and bottom) 

What have you MADE?

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