Delayed Gratification

If you ever need a lesson in delayed gratification bulb planting may just be your answer.  This weekend the Remington Man helped me plant 40 tulips and about 40 daffodils.  This time around I borrowed a little tool from my mother it worked a lot better than using a trowel.  Basically you just twist the thing until it is filled with dirt and then lift it up. 

You are left with a pretty little hole at the desired depth.

Then you just drop in the bulb.

And squeeze the tool and the dirt plops out back in the hole.  I didn't take a picture of the dirt because I thought you knew what dirt looked like.  However, it would have tied a nice little bow on this story.
In the spring I hope we will see something like this...
Love tulips...they are my favorite.  Unfortunately, they don't return very well here in Oklahoma. These bulbs came to me as a gift and gifts are meant to be enjoyed!
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